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Welcome to the DAYDABASE wiki

This wiki documents the database management system DAYDABASE.

DAYDABASE is a flexible data management system, written in PHP, that combines the functionality of a MySQL database management tool with advanced features to control data display, data access and data handling procedures. The system is built up by modules with a slim core module and numerous specialized modules on top of the core module.

The interface is organized in tabs, of which the core tab provides access to the raw tables whereas all other tabs provide special functionality.

The system can be easily configured such that any kind of data or groups of data can be stored in the system. Interfaces to browse, search, export and import these data are instantly available. The core data handling system incorporates tools to control and configure the database design, the appearance, and raw data display. Web pages, customized views and new procedures can be easily incorporated into the system via checkpoints.

The permission to do some action or view or edit some field is controlled by the permission handling system, which allows for a precise control based on user identities, group memberships, tables, data sets, data set properties etc.

Extended libraries for HTML creation and database management allow for a fast development of new features. The system follows stringent policies for the architecture of PHP scripts and functions.

There are predefined data structures and functionality available for selected scientific areas, research management and teaching management. DAYDABASE has been used to manage scientific data since 2005 and as a course management tool since 2008.

The following installations can be used to get to know the system and its capabilities: 
A demo system, with all major modules in the areas organisation and research 
Structural biology system including management of protein purification, crystallization, and crystallography 
Contains data of successful crystallization trials from the BMCD and BDP

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